About Us

Dr. Francine Fradella, a board-certified gynecologist and surgeon, began adding cosmetic services to her practice over 10 years ago at the request of her patients. Feeling comfortable about staying within the comfort of a familiar office with friendly faces, her patients felt at ease returning for laser hair removal, Endermologie, and tumescent liposuction.

Through the years, Dr. Fradella has attended numerous courses, educational seminars, and training workshops enabling her to add much sought-after additional services such as Botox and injectable fillers to her practice.

In the last year, Dr. Fradella has acquired the Triplex Smartlipo Laser adding another dimension to tumescent liposuction. The new Smartlipo reduces the time of the liposuction by "melting and liquifying" fat cells for easier extraction and at the same time tightens the surrounding tissue eliminating a prior drawback, sagging skin.

Dr. Fradella offers a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment . You may schedule a free cosmetic consultation, and she will personally address your questions and concerns. Additionally, Dr. Fradella's staff is available everyday to answer your questions. Please call anytime to schedule your free consultation.